The woman got into difficulties in Cwm Lloer. Photo: Richard Webb CC-BY-SA.20

The woman got into difficulties in Cwm Lloer. Photo: Richard Webb CC-BY-SA.20

A father on a rescue mission to aid his daughter on a Snowdonia mountain sparked a callout when he began to suffer from the effects of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation went to the aid of the pair on Monday after the woman got into difficulties on the flanks of Carnedd Dafydd.

The team was alerted at 6am when the 22-year-old and her father were reported lost in poor winter conditions in Cwm Lloer.

Chris Lloyd, the team’s spokesperson, said the woman came to Snowdonia from Cardiff for an Easter weekend of hillwalking and wild camping. About midnight on Sunday the worsening weather destroyed her tent.

Mr Lloyd said: “She planned to make her way back to the valley floor, but she felt that her torch was insufficient in these weather conditions.”

She rang her parents to alert them of her situation and her father, himself a hillwalker, drove up to Snowdonia from Cardiff to rescue his daughter.

Mr Lloyd said: “On arrival in Ogwen, he found his daughter’s car and headed up into Cwm Lloer. In the meantime, with improving daylight, the daughter made her way down through the squalls of fine snow and low cloud to her car, missing her father.

“By now her mobile phone was flat. In the meantime, the father started suffering from the after-effects of the Covid vaccine, which had only just received. He contacted his wife. She alerted mountain rescue.

“A party of eight team members was deployed with the intention of splitting into two self-contained search parties. As they headed up into the snow squalls of fine snow, the daughter found someone with a phone.”

She was able to tell her mother that she was at her car and the message was relayed to the rescuers’ base.

The father and daughter were brought to the team's base. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

The father and daughter were brought to the team's base. Photo: Bob Smith/grough

Mr Lloyd said: “A team member rounded her up and brought her to Oggi Base for the warmth of the wood burner and refreshment. Shortly afterwards, her father was located and he was able to walk down with team members.

“Father and daughter were reunited at Oggi Base and both were refuelled with hot tea and vegetarian sausage sandwiches before their long drive south.”

The rescue team spokesperson said it was an unfortunate incident. “Both are experienced hillwalkers with suitable clothing. It was a good attempt at self-rescue – always appreciated – but the effects of the vaccine took their toll.”

On Easter Saturday the Ogwen team was called out to aid a poorly equipped family on Tryfan.

The group had travelled to the area from the West Midlands despite the closure of the Welsh border.

Mr Lloyd said: “Our family of Saturday afternoon were totally inadequately dressed or prepared.

“They scrambled up the steep and loose gully on the West side of Tryfan. Mother pulled a rock onto her shoulder which dislocated.

“A small rescue party was deployed. The casualty’s shoulder had relocated prior to the team’s arrival. The party of four were escorted off the mountain to their car. They were advised to attend the local hospital as a precaution.”

Mr Lloyd said the team was expecting an increase in callouts when the England-Wales border is reopened.

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