The Coastguard helicopter and rescuers at the scene on Helvellyn. Photo: Patterdale MRT

The Coastguard helicopter and rescuers at the scene on Helvellyn. Photo: Patterdale MRT

A walker was airlifted to hospital after suffering head and leg injuries in a fall from Striding Edge on Helvellyn.

Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted by police at 12.50pm on Sunday.

The team’s deputy leader tried to contact the man’s wife, who made the emergency call, but was unable to reach her because of a lack of mobile phone signal.

A team spokesperson said: “Due to the location and reported injuries a Coastguard helicopter with winching capabilities was requested to assist in the rescue.

“On their arrival they attempted to get the winch paramedic to scene but due to the wind conditions were unable.

“Team members who had ascended on foot from Greenside were then flown from Red Tarn outlet onto Helvellyn summit. They were then able to make their way quickly on foot down onto Striding Edge.”

Once with the casualty, a man in his 50s, rescuers established he had fallen around 5m.

The spokesperson said: “He was quickly assessed and treated for his injuries, then placed into a casualty bag, vacuum mattress and placed onto the stretcher.

“Team members carried the stretcher up onto the ridge then lowered him down from Striding Edge around 150m, involving a technical rope system.

“The weather was heavy rain and low cloud by this time. Fortunately, once they had descended into the back of Red Tarn at the base of Helvellyn the Coastguard helicopter, with some excellent flying. managed to winch the casualty on board and he was transported to hospital at Carlisle for further treatment.”

The incident lasted 4½ hours and involved 15 team members.

While the rescue was in progress, the team received another request for help when a woman fell from a path down a steep ravine at Aira Force, landing in the water.

A team Land Rover set off to the site with five team members on board.

The spokesperson said: “A request was made to Penrith Mountain Rescue to assist and they responded with 12 team members.

“The female was extricated from the river with a rope system and hauled onto the river bank where she was treated as she was cold and wet. Fortunately she had not suffered any injuries despite a fall of considerable distance into the river.

“Thanks to Penrith Mountain Rescue for their attendance and assistance in this rescue.”

After the two-hour incident, Patterdale team members returned to their base to sort out the wet kit from the two callouts, making a long afternoon for the volunteers.

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