Ilkley Moor, immortalisesd in Yorkshire's unofficial anthem, may be about to disappear.Lanshaw Lad and Ilkley Moor

Conservationists fear the moor, pictured right, which overlooks one of the Broad Acres' poshest towns, is being overrun by grough's least favourite vegetation, the dreaded bracken. For good measure, they're saying the moor may have to be renamed Ilkley Hill if it fails to conform to the official designation required for the term.

No, we didn't know there was one either, and grough senses a little mischief is afoot.

Bradford Council, which owns most of the 1,600-acre expanse, is finding it difficult looking after its most well-known stretch of moor. It wants to hand the management of the land to a local trust. Other suggestions have included handing it over to the National Trust.

The hillside contains many stone- and bronze-age carvings and archaeological artefacts, as well as the Cow and Calf rocks, used by climbers. Oh, and there's quite a bit of bracken up there too.

So, whip off your 'at and get up there and a courting Mary Jane. Could be your last chance.