Bad news for those of us at grough who enjoy a bottle or two of the hard stuff while exploring our outdoor world.

The Youth Hostel Association (YHA) in England and Wales is calling time on the practice of 'bring your own' at its licensed hostels.

From 7 July, you'll have to fork out and buy your booze from the ever-welcoming warden. No more nipping to the offie to charge your glasses. The YHA says the ban is because new licensing laws make staff responsible for behaviour of guests even if they didn't sell them the alcohol, and that if lawlessness or rowdy carrying-ons occur, they could be fined.

Walkers will still be able to take their own beer and wine into non-licensed hostels or ones where they've booked the whole of the premises.

For details of which sites are licensed and which aren't call in at the YHA website.