What have Frank Sinatra and the Bellringer Handicap got in common? grough thought the latter was something Quasimodo suffered from, but no – the answer is they both form part of National Parks’ Week which starts on 21 July and lasts, surprise surprise, for a week.

Among events incorporated into the programme are the above-mentioned race (that’s the four-legged, equine variety rather than whippety men and women charging up fells) and a Dartmoor concert which will attempt, apparently, to recreate the sound of the Rat Pack, among whom was numbered Mr Sinatra.

If nothing else, it goes to show the variety of activities you can get up to in Britain’s 14 National Parks. Much of the schedule is of the more predictable variety, such as guided walks, natural history workshops and children’s activities, though grough is tempted by the thought of joining the boat trip to Torver Jetty to visit one of Cumbria’s privies.

Have a look at the National Parks Authority site for details of what’s happening near you and get out and play in the park.