A top mountaineer's body has been found on a Pakistan mountain.

Jose Antonio Delgado had been missing on Nanga Parbat since topping out the peak on 12 July. The Venezualan, the first from his country to summit Everest, was buried by a rescue party on the mountain, in accordance with his family's wishes.

The rescue team found 41-year-old Delgado's body 400m from his tent, at an altitude of 7 000m. His belongings were collected and will be returned to his family.

According to EverestNews.com, he had been in communication with his Venezualan climbing partner Edgar Herrera who had made it to back to base camp, but he eventually ran out of food and oxygen.

Nanga Parbat – 'Naked Mountain' in Urdu, is ranked among the hardest climbs in the world at 8 125m. It is the ninth highest and the fastest growing, still increasing in height. It lies at the western end of the Himalaya range.