The cragrats on the UK Climbing forums are getting their ropes in a twist over the news that blonde uppercrust stunner Annabelle Bond has been awarded an OBE for, among other things, services to mountaineering.

Annabelle was the fourth UK woman to stand on top of Everest when she summited in May 2004 and completed the highest mountains on each of the world’s seven continents to raise cash for the Eve Appeal which funds research into the prevention of ovarian cancer. The gong is also in recognition of her charidee work.

Opinion on the forums seems to be that she’s done plenty to raise money for the appeal but bugger all to further the cause of mountaineering. And there are a few gratuitous contributions about her feminine features from the simian end of the climbing fraternity.

Make your own mind up by looking at the gorgeous Annabelle’s website and the views of the UKC contributors.

grough’s favourite addition to the web forum is the quotation of AA Milne’s poem on the worth of the OBE:


I know a Captain of Industry, who made big bombs for the RFC, and collared a lot of LSD – and he – thank God! – has the OBE.

I know a Lady of Pedigree, who asked some soldiers out to tea, and said ‘Dear me!’ and ‘Yes, I see’ – and she – thank God! – has the OBE.

I know a fellow of twenty-three, who got a job with a fat MP – (not caring much for the Infantry.) And he – thank God! – has the OBE.

I had a friend; a friend, and he just held the line for you and me, and kept the Germans from the sea, and died – without the OBE. Thank God! He died without the OBE."