At the risk of tempting fate… Lakeland lovers have the chance to be involved in a major search and rescue operation next month.

Yes, grough understands that a careless step on Striding Edge, a moment of panic on Jack’s Rake, can easily land you at the centre of such an incident. The difference is, you can have the chance of participating in a rescue mission without the need to fall off a crag.

Buttermere Youth Hostel is the venue for the 12th annual sea and mountain rescue weekend, put together by volunteers from the area’s rescue services. £110 will get you a ticket to the event, and the chance to be involved in a simulated call-out to find two missing walkers and, subject to it being available, a visit from a search-and-rescue helicopter.

Participants also get the chance of a trip on the Workington lifeboat, a visit to the Cockermouth Mountain Rescue base and an opportunity to meet search-and-rescue dogs. The event takes place from 22 to 24 September and can be booked through the Lake District visitor centre at Brockhole. Details are on the Lake District National Park website.