Walkers in Ennerdale now have a new bridge to cross, thanks to a bequest from an enthusiast.

Bury man Jack Farraday left £5,000 in his will to the Friends of the Lake District, to which he belonged. The organisation felt the best use for his gift was the replacement of an old bridge at the head of Ennerdale, near Black Sail youth hostel. Mr Farraday died three years ago at the age of 92.

The new bridge, made from local douglas fir, was helicoptered in last week by a chopper being used by the Forestry Commission to carry in fencing materials.

The bridge is on the Wainwright Coast-to-Coast route, on the old packhorse trail from Buttermere to Wasdale.

David Bulman, field manager for the Lake District National Park said: “This area is very inaccessible and it would have been difficult to get the wood and building materials in.

“The Forestry Commission already had a helicopter in the area flying fencing materials as part of the Wild Ennerdale partnership scheme for new native tree planting scheme and they kindly offered to transport the bridge at the same time.

“Friends of the Lake District had money left to them for a specific project; this is a great example of our three organisations working together.”