Testing the snow on Aonach MorThe fleeting summer is now a distant memory and the temperature has started to plummet.

The first snows have already fallen on the Scottish mountains and with them, the risk that someone will be caught in an avalanche. How well do you know what you should do to avoid the risk?

Testing the snow on Aonach Mor 

Glenmore Lodge, the Scottish national mountain centre, has produced a quiz you can take, in the warmth of your living room, to test your knowledge of the white stuff and how it behaves. You can download the quiz here. I tried it and came out with an average score of 72 per cent, so the winter skills manuals are coming out and a bit of homework needs to be done before I strap on my crampons and head for the corries.

It’s an instructive little quiz, with videos and photographs and will provide a good test of your ability to think snow. Ian Sherrington of Glemore Lodge and Malcolm Seddon of CAST Education have put the program together. It’s a download which you then play from your own computer.

Subjects include weather, terrain, snowpack and people. Even if you don’t score spectacularly well, you will be better informed for having taken it. Who knows, it might just save your life one day.