A hen harrier chickThink you could do a better job than most reality-TV show presenters?

Well, now’s your chance. Organisers of a Big-Brother-style hidden-camera show are seeking presenters to comment on the activities of a Lancashire family whose every movement will be on screen for the public to see.

A hen harrier chick 

Stephen Murphy/Natural England 

The successful candidate will need no experience, but will be expected to be passionate about the countryside and enjoy meeting people.

The family in question is the Bowland Visitor Centre’s hen harriers, which have had a nest-cam set up, with a big-screen link from nest to the Beacon Hill centre where birdwatchers and members of the public can watch the hen and her surviving chicks and all the shenanigans they get up to.

Lancashire County Council’s countryside service, which runs the centre, is looking for volunteers to provide a running commentary to the birds’ antics. Training will be provided, including a field trip to see hen harriers in the wild.

Nick Osborne of the countryside service said: “It’s a little bit like Big Brother or one of the nature-watch type programmes as the cameras will show everything that goes on.

“And because they are wild animals we expect the action to be a little more interesting, and possibly more civilised, than most reality TV shows!

“We are looking for volunteers to act almost as presenters who will explain to visitors what has been going on recently and what unfolds on screen while they are there.”

The commentators will be paid £10 for each day they work and will be expected to commit themselves to be part of a team working on a rota over six weeks, though this could be for as little as one day a fortnight.

Volunteers must be over 18.

The Bowland Hen Harrier Project is a collaboration between the county council, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, United Utilities and Natural England.

The project will run from mid May until July. Contact 01772 534709 for more information.