Haystacks, centre left, site of the dental discoveryA walker has been reunited with a set of dentures he left on a fell top more than a year ago.

Manchester rambler David Packer took out the false teeth to tackle a bar of chocolate on the summit of the Grumpy Old Fellwalker’s favourite fell, Haystacks. After wrapping them in a handkerchief, he walked away, leaving them on the remote Lakeland peak.

Haystacks, centre left, site of the dental discovery 

Yet amazingly, the high-tech titanium plate was returned to its owner after another walker Alan Marsden found them, almost a year on. He put a notice in a national walking magazine which was seen by Mr Packer.

Mr Packer told the BBC: “I couldn't believe it. I contacted the person and got them posted back to me.

“I had visions of a sheep wandering around the Lakes with a set of my shiny teeth. I never thought I would see them again.”

The £450 set of teeth will now serve as a spare pair – their owner had replaced them – but they still fit, even though he admits they are a little tight.

After spotting the glinting dentures while out fellwalking with his wife, Mr Marsden, of Gamblesby near Penrith, took them to a friend in the dental profession who told him they would be worth hundreds of pounds.

After Mr Packer contacted him, he posted the teeth to their owner.