Greater Manchester Chief Constable Michael Todd: no obvious cause of deathA post-mortem examination carried out on the body of the police chief found on Snowdon found no signs of trauma from a jump or a fall.

Greater Manchester Chief Constable Michael Todd: no obvious cause of death

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Michael Todd’s remains were found buried by snow on a sloping path near Bwlch Glas, the col where the popular Pyg Track meets the Snowdon Mountain Railway. A bottle of gin was found near the body.

Toxicology tests will now be carried out to find out if any drink or drugs were present in Mr Todd’s body. Coroner Dewi Pritchard-Jones said he hoped to have the result of these tests by tomorrow. Alcohol is known to increase the effects of hypothermia. Mr Pritchard-Jones, coroner for north-west Wales, said there was ‘no obvious cause of death’. An inquest will open tomorrow.

Suicide is a still being investigated as a possible cause of the policeman’s death after it emerged he sent a series of worrying text messages to various people. Colleagues have also reported receiving anguished phone calls from Mr Todd. A search was mounted after these were received. Initially, the search involved a lifeboat and coastguards in the Menai Strait after triangulation of his mobile phone signals suggested this was his location. The search switched to Snowdon after walkers on the mountain found his personal effects.

There has been much speculation in the British and foreign press about Mr Todd’s private life. He was married with three children. His family lived in Nottinghamshire, where he previously worked.

Greater Manchester Police’s (GMP) Acting Chief Constable Dave Whatton spent the day with his late colleague’s family. Assistant Chief Constable Dave Thompson said: “Whilst GMP’s loss of our chief constable is incredibly painful it cannot match the pain and suffering that his family face. It is appropriate today that Dave [Whatton] has chosen to spend the day with Michael’s family.

“Despite his considerable skill as a leader, people are right when they say of Michael that he was never happier than when he was out on the street with his people. Only a few weeks ago he was grappling with drunks in the city centre and was full of excitement for the terrific work he saw our staff carrying out.

“The most compelling thing I will always remember about Michael as a leader was the support he gave to officers and their families who were hurt or injured in their duty or in some cases paid the ultimate price. They were never official duties they were always personal.”

There have been numerous tributes to Mr Todd, including ones from the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, the Greater Manchester Police Lesbian and Gay Staff Affiliation, the National Association of Muslim Police, Greater Manchester Police Federation, GMP Superintendents’ Association and Paul Murphy, chair of the Greater Manchester Police Authority.

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