The waterproof jacket belonging to police chief Michael Todd is still missing, a week after his death on Snowdon.

Police and rescuers believe the Greater Manchester chief constable must have been wearing one when he took his final journey. Mr Todd was a seasoned hillwalker and would almost certainly have gone equipped with one. They are now checking wind direction and weather conditions to try to work out where the coat may be.

A spokesman for Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team said: “He may have taken it off and it could have been carried away by a gust.”

The jacket may provide clues in the investigation into Mr Todd’s death. When he was found, he was wearing a microfleece and a top, waterproof trousers, but no waterproof jacket.

  • Mr Todd's funeral will take place on Good Friday, in Nottingham. The service will be a private, family ceremony. A memorial service is planned for April at Manchester Cathedral.