Camp TricamsClimbers have been advised to check a piece of gear after a potentially dangerous fault was found.

Owners of the Camp Tricam, a jamming device with a Dyneema loop attached, for providing protection while tackling rock and ice climbs, are being asked to check their equipment. A single cam was found to have a loose pin which could cause failure.

Camp Tricams 

The British Mountaineering Council’s equipment investigation panel said one specimen had been submitted to it, and the spirol pin, which connects the metal chock to the sling, had been found to be outside the acceptable manufacturing tolerance.

A spokesman said: “After checking their stock and finding it to be free from this problem, the UK distributor and the manufacturer believe this to be a one-off. In the unlikely event that there are other devices with this problem, the BMC recommends that the security of spirol pins are checked as follows:

"Using a pen or pencil, push the spirol pin to see whether it slides out of position or not. Try this from both ends of the pin.

"If you can push the spirol pin free from the chock, remove the Tricam from service."

Climbers can find out more from BMC Technical Officer, Dan Middleton or by phoning 0161 438 3326.