Call Out Mountain Rescue coverEarlier this year, the mountain rescue teams of England and Wales decided they needed to do something about the increasing number of callouts they faced.

The volunteers who aid those in distress on the fells and mountains of the British Isles were facing a growing demand for rescue – particularly from inexperienced hillwalkers who were getting lost and dialling 999 for help. The MRTs decided the public needed educating and informing about the hazards and perils of our mountains and how to avoid coming to grief.

Now, the body which oversees mountain rescue south of the border has published a book, aimed at informing walkers how to avoid the pitfalls which might get them into trouble, how mountain rescue works and how to cope with the harsh environment on the uplands which can catch out the unwary.

Call Out Mountain Rescue is a pocket-sized book which is packed with information about the hills, their weather, how to navigate, how to avoid the nasty biting things you night find up there and what to do if things do go wrong.

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