Alladale's pair of elk, imported from SwedenControversial Highlands heir Paul Lister makes a return to the television screens tonight with the first of a series of looks behind the scenes at his Alladale estate.

Alladale's pair of elk, imported from Sweden

BBC/Mike Birkhead

Mr Lister wants to fence off 20,200ha (50,000 acres) of wild Scottish countryside to establish a massive wildlife park in which wolves, lynx and brown bears roam free, but visitors have to pay.

The scheme has attracted opposition from many outdoors organisations, including the Ramblers’ Association in Scotland, which says the plan contravenes Scottish outdoor access legislation.

Mr Lister also has his supporters, not least numerous commenters on this website who, grough suspects, are not regular readers of the site.

Tonight’s programme sees staff on the Sutherland estate, near Croich, preparing for a visit by Scottish Natural Heritage officials.

The first programme in a series of six is aired at 7pm this evening, Friday 15 August, on BBC2. The Real Monarch of the Glen has been screened previously on BBC Scotland.

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