The new grough websitegrough, your outdoors news website,  will be getting a new look shortly.

The new grough website

Our developers have been working hard to bring you a better website, with simpler navigation, better use of pictures and added features. The new site will go live soon.

We’ll be giving all our readers the opportunity to join in the grough community and there will be exciting additions which we think will make the site even better and more useful to its readers.

You can see the beta version of the site by checking out our test pages. We need your help too. We’ve tested the functioning of the site on lots of different browsers and it’s working well so far. So please try it in your own browser and make sure it works OK. If it doesn’t take a screen grab (Windows users can use the Print Screen button and paste the result into an image-handling application; Mac users can do the same by pressing Command+Control+Shift 3) and send it to me at I’ll then pass it on to our technical geniuses for them to sort out.

Note that the content of the new site won’t yet be updated regularly, so keep checking the present site for the latest news from the great outdoors.

We think you’ll like the new look Tell us too what features you would like and we’ll see what we can do.