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Polartec lightweight Power Air: a waste-free wardrobe

Polartec's new Lightweight Power Air continues the move to reducing waste and cutting microfibres in the environment.

24 December 2019

Don’t eat your fleece

Plastic is, quite rightly, hitting our news headlines on a daily basis. Fizzy drinks bottles, cotton buds, drinking straws, and plastic bags have all ...

01 June 2019

Polartec unveils ingenious new Power Fill insulation fabric at ISPO trade show

At this year’s ISPO, Polartec is proud to announce Power Fill - the latest in fabric innovation. An ingenious discovery that’s resulted in an incr...

02 January 2018

Iconic Swedish brand Primus celebrates 125 years

Back in 1892 FW Lindqvist and JV Svenson created the world’s first soot-free kerosene stove in their small blacksmith workshop in central Stockholm and aptly called it Primus (meaning first).

07 September 2017

Snugpak launches brand new insulated and waterproof jacket!

Stay warm and dry with Snugpak’s Torrent Jacket Snugpak, the UK’s leading sleeping bag and insulated clothing manufacturer, has launched its first ever insulated, waterproof jacket – the Torrent jacket.

17 February 2017

Win a weekend adventure

Dummy content to be populated. ...

04 August 2014

Spinning a web of innovation

Arachnophobia is one of Britain’s most common phobias, with one recent survey suggesting 18 per cent of us shudder at the thought of an eight-legged visitor.

01 June 2019

Polartec Power Air: keeps you warm and sheds five times fewer microfibres

Fast fashion. Animal welfare. Ethically sourced. What we wear, and how it’s made, is hitting the headlines as we become more aware of the impact the...

04 January 2019

Fjallraven unveils its new Bergtagen collection for autumn-winter 2017

Designed for life above the tree line… For autumn-winter 2017, Fjallraven’s product range ventures above the treeline with the launch of its new Bergtagen collection, a system of highly functional mountaineering garments built on equal parts of tradition and innovation.

27 September 2017

Snugpak introduces brand new fleece items to its clothing collection

Stay warm with Snugpak Snugpak, the UK’s leading sleeping bag and insulated clothing manufacturer, has launched a brand new fleece to its extensive clothing collection – the Impact Fleece Shirt.

20 March 2017

Win VIP tickets to Kendal Mountain Festival with Go Lakes lift-sharing scheme

If we said you could travel to the Lake District, Cumbria, make friends, cut costs and look after the area at the same time would you be interested.

04 August 2014


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