Life sentences for bombers who trained in Lakeland

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11 July 2007

Highland wood owners must open path to bikers

After recent setbacks in Scottish access hearings comes a small victory for access campaigners.The owners of a Black Isle wood have been ordered to remove obstacles that prevented bike and horse riders using a track.

10 July 2007

Gloag access case: Ramblers will not appeal

The Ramblers’ Association in Scotland says it will not appeal against the court decision which banned the public from a millionaire’s land.Stagecoach bus magnate Ann Gloag, whose fortune is estimated at £400m, persuaded Sheriff Michael Fletcher to grant her an exclusion from right-to-roam laws at her Kinfauns Castle estate near Perth.

05 July 2007

Campaign continues against Welsh wind farm

Campaigners have vowed to fight on after a council approved an application to build a wind farm at a Welsh beauty spot.Carmarthenshire County Council gave the green light to plans to erect 16 wind turbines on Mynydd y Betws (Betws Mountain), near Ammanford in south Wales.

01 July 2007

Benn takes over environment as Miliband moves up

As predicted by grough, Environment Secretary David Miliband has been promoted upwards by new Prime Minister Gordon Brown.David Miliband, promoted from Environment Secretary to Foreign Secretary by Gordon Brown His successor in the hot seat is former International Development Secretary Hilary Benn, son of the elder statesman of the Left Tony Benn.

28 June 2007

Pictures from the Fellsman Hike 2007

To order any of the pictures on this page, contact us , quoting its name and number    fellsman5001 fellsman5007 fellsman5010 fellsman5018 fellsman5019 fellsman5022 fellsman5029  fellsman5032 fellsman5033  fellsman5035 fellsman5038 fellsman5040 fellsman5042 fellsman5048  fellsman5050 fellsman5056 fellsman5062 fellsman5064 fellsman5067 fellsman5071  fellsman5136  fellsman4941 fellsman4944 fellsman4946 fellsman4949 fellsman4950 fellsman4952  fellsman4956  fellsman4957 fellsman4959 fellsman4961 fellsman4964 fellsman4965 fellsman4969 fellsman4972 fellsman4976 fellsman4979 fellsman4980  fellsman4982 fellsman4985 fellsman4988 fellsman4989 fellsman4992 fellsman4994 fellsman4996 fellsman4997 fellsman4999  fellsman4897 fellsman4874 fellsman4875 fellsman4879 fellsman4886 fellsman4891 fellsman4898 fellsman4903 fellsman4906 fellsman4907 fellsman4911 fellsman4912 fellsman4915 fellsman4917 fellsman4919  fellsman4923 fellsman4926  fellsman4928 fellsman4929 fellsman4931 fellsman4933 fellsman4935 fellsman4938 fellsman4940  fellsman4802 fellsman4806 fellsman4809 fellsman4810 fellsman4811 fellsman4814  fellsman4815 fellsman4820 fellsman4821 fellsman4822 fellsman4823 fellsman4824 fellsman4825 fellsman4826 fellsman4828 fellsman4832 fellsman4835 fellsman4837 fellsman4840 fellsman4847 fellsman4852 fellsman4857 fellsman4859 fellsman4865 fellsman4870 fellsman4872  fellsman4758  fellsman4769  fellsman4773  fellsman4759 fellsman4761  fellsman4762 fellsman4764 fellsman4765  fellsman4767 fellsman4775  fellsman4779 fellsman4783   fellsman4754 fellsman4791 fellsman4795  fellsman4796  fellsman4757  fellsman4713 fellsman4727 fellsman5163  fellsman5104 fellsman5055 fellsman5096 fellsman5012 fellsman4863  fellsman4722 fellsman4729 fellsman4731 fellsman4787  fellsman4749  fellsman4733 fellsman4737 fellsman4738 fellsman4740 fellsman4743  fellsman4744 fellsman4745 fellsman4751 .

28 May 2007

Squirrels, chainsaws and Elgar: are you bats?

Here’s a little quiz. What links the following: Elgar, squirrels, slow motion, bats, chainsaws, eccentrics and erratics?Sounds like a Ken Russel...

19 June 2007

Julia to star in second BBC Wainwright series

Good news for aficionados of Wainwright’s guides and the recent BBC series covering some of his walks.There’s a new series on the way, which will again be fronted by Julia Bradbury, presenter of the first set of four.

16 June 2007

Lowe Alpine Marathon moves south

The annual Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon was run last weekend in the southern Highlands.Dubbed ‘the connoisseurs’ mountain marathon’, the event takes place in a different place each year.

14 June 2007

National trail for North-West would be England's longest

Plans are afoot to create England’s longest national trail.The proposed North-West Coastal Trail would be nearly 400km longer than the existing longest tail, the South West Coast Path.

11 July 2007

Lakeland campers found guilty of murder conspiracy

Four of the men photographed by Special Branch police taking part in exercises in the Lake District have been found guilty of conspiracy to murder.Police surveillance pictures of the group on the campsite in Great Langdale A jury at Woolwich Crown Court today delivered its verdict on Muktar Said Ibrahim, Hussain Osman, Ramzi Mohammed and Yassin Hassan Omar.

10 July 2007

Lakeland charity walkers give rescuers busy weekend

Ill-equipped charity walkers have caused more headaches for rescuers this weekend.Unseasonably severe weather caught out Three Peaks Challengers tackling Scafell Pike in the Lake District with 20 members of the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team out on England’s highest fell for more than six hours helping walkers in distress. The road in Wasdale, choked by parked vehicles of challenge participants Picture by Wasdale MRT Their rescue efforts were hampered by the numerous cars and minibuses clogging the country lane in Wasdale, making it difficult to get rescue vehicles into position.

01 July 2007

Have you seen a Scots mountain hare?

Conservationists are asking for walkers’ help in recording sightings of a rare Scottish mountain dweller.The Game Conservancy Trust wants details of numbers of mountain hares spotted while our on the hills.

28 June 2007

Pictures from the Three Peaks Race 2007

To order any of the pictrures on this page, contact us , quoting its name and number  threepeaks3553  threepeaks3562 threepeaks3567 threepeaks3576   threepeaks3581  threepeaks3585  threepeaks3588 threepeaks3595  threepeaks3599 threepeaks3601 threepeaks3602 threepeaks3604 threepeaks3606 threepeaks3607 threepeaks3609 threepeaks3612 threepeaks3614 threepeaks3617 threepeaks3618 threepeaks3619  threepeaks3621  threepeaks3623 threepeaks3633 threepeaks3635 threepeaks3638  threepeaks3644 threepeaks3650 threepeaks3652  threepeaks3657 threepeaks3667 threepeaks3671 threepeaks3714 threepeaks3794 threepeaks3921  threepeaks3675  threepeaks3678  threepeaks3682 threepeaks3685 threepeaks3688 threepeaks3691 threepeaks3696 threepeaks3702 threepeaks3706 threepeaks3707  threepeaks3707  threepeaks3646  threepeaks3877 threepeaks3878 threepeaks3882  threepeaks3884 threepeaks3886  threepeaks3886 threepeaks3891 threepeaks3893 threepeaks3895 threepeaks3897 threepeaks3898 threepeaks3904 threepeaks3906 threepeaks3907  threepeaks3911 threepeaks3936 threepeaks3945 threepeaks3956 threepeaks3959 threepeaks3972 threepeaks3975 threepeaks3982 threepeaks3984 threepeaks3987  threepeaks3718  threepeaks3719 threepeaks3721 threepeaks3722  threepeaks3726 threepeaks3728 threepeaks3729 threepeaks3731 threepeaks3733 threepeaks3734 threepeaks3736 threepeaks3738 threepeaks3739  threepeaks3740 threepeaks3748 threepeaks3751  threepeaks3754  threepeaks3755 threepeaks3757 threepeaks3760 threepeaks3762 threepeaks3763 threepeaks3766 threepeaks3769 threepeaks3770 threepeaks3771  threepeaks3773  threepeaks3774 threepeaks3776 threepeaks3779 threepeaks3782 threepeaks3784  threepeaks3785 threepeaks3789 threepeaks3780  threepeaks3795 threepeaks3800 threepeaks3802 threepeaks3803  threepeaks3805  threepeaks3807 threepeaks3808 threepeaks3811 threepeaks3814 threepeaks3819 threepeaks3821  threepeaks3828 threepeaks3832 threepeaks3833 threepeaks3840 threepeaks3843 threepeaks3844 threepeaks3849 threepeaks3851 threepeaks3854 threepeaks3858 threepeaks3861 threepeaks3866 threepeaks3870 threepeaks3873 .

30 April 2007

Bad-tempered swans force walkers' warnings

It’s a dangerous world out there. After last month’s news that vicious eagle owls had forced the closure of a Bowland footpath, grough has...

20 June 2007

Tragedy hits Highland love nest

Scotland’s favourite avian soap opera took a dark turn with the news of a death in the Highland love nest.Bird-brained Henry, the osprey involved in three-in-a-nest shenanigans at Loch Garten, has trampled on one of his own offspring, killing the chick.Henry has previously kicked his love rival’s eggs out of the nest, dashing them on the ground.

18 June 2007

Summit success for Everest documentary team

The team filming a recreation of Mallory and Irvine’s ill-fated 1920s Everest expedition has summited the mountain.Conrad Anker and Leo Houlding removed a ladder fixed to the Second Step, a 30m rock face just below the summit and free climbed it, using just hand and foot holds.

14 June 2007

Anger as Gloag wins access ban case

Scottish politicians say judges should be issued with new guidance after millionaire bus magnate Ann Gloag won her case to ban the public from her land.Campaigners say the ruling, by Sheriff Michael Fletcher, blows a massive hole in Scotland’s right-to-roam legislation and could lead to landowners across the country closing their estates.MSP Rosanna Cunningham, whose Perth constituency covers Mrs Gloag’s Kinfauns Castle estate from which walkers, runners and cyclists are now excluded, will raise the matter tomorrow during First Minister’s Questions in the Holyrood parliament.

14 June 2007


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