Storm over future of mountain weather service

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30 November 2006

Water company to charge for right-to-roam access

A water company is planning to charge for access to its extensive right-to-roam areas.United Utilities (UU), which owns about 58,000 hectares (143,300 acres) of land in north-western England, says it will start charging up to £50 for commercial groups using its property.

27 November 2006

Two climbers die after night in Scots blizzard

It’s been a grim weekend for mountain casualties across Britain which culminated this morning with the death of two young climbers in Scotland.The Aberdeen University students, one an undergraduate aged 18 and the other a 23-year-old graduate, were caught in atrocious winter conditions yesterday near Coire an t-Sneachda.The two men were found by rescuers this morning, about 400m apart after spending the night in temperatures of -20 C and winds of 70 mph.

20 November 2006

Robocop under fire as developers threaten wood

Britain’s former Robocop is under fire for failing to protect woodland in one of the North-East’s most urbanised areas.Middlesbrough mayor Ray Mallon, famed for his zero-tolerance to crime when he was in charge of the town’s police, faced criticism from the Open Spaces Society (OSS) after refusing to stop the go-ahead for the sale of Longridge Wood at Marton, on the southern edge of the town.Open Spaces Society general secretary Kate Ashbrook, rightThe OSS says it would be a tragedy if the wood were lost to the community.

11 November 2006

In search of treasure: the grough guide to geocaching

As promised, grough was out and about at the weekend, armed only with our superb navigational knowledge and a set of ten-figure grid co-ordinates.

06 November 2006

Brothers take mountain marathon title

Orienteers were dominant in the Original Mountain Marathon at the weekend.The A, B and C classes were all won by pairs of orienteers, but the winners in the elite class were brothers Ifor and Alun Powell, seasoned participants of the event’s previous incarnation the Karrimor International Mountain Marathon (KIMM).

31 October 2006

Miliband marks right-to-roam's first birthday

Ramblers were joined today by a Government minister in a celebration of the first anniversary of right-to-roam laws.Mr Miliband, left, with Kate Ashbrook and Keith Wadd, chairman of the West Riding Ramblers' Association groupEnvironment Secretary David Miliband took to the Yorkshire moors with the Ramblers’ Association (RA) chairman Kate Ashbrook to mark the first full year of the access rights in England and Wales.They were joined by representatives of local rambling groups and the Youth Hostels Association in a brief yomp across Brow Moor, overlooking the Bronte village of Haworth.

27 October 2006

Sheriff dons wellies for Kinfauns visit

The saga of the Stagecoach boss and the sheriff rumbled on today.Substitute Geronimo and The Ringo Kid with Ann Gloag and Michael Fletcher and you’ve got a tussle to rival anything the Wild West could have thrown up.

23 October 2006

Ramblers's walking challenge to check footpaths

Are you up for a challenge? The Ramblers’ Association (RA) wants you to walk every single path and bridleway in England and Wales – and yo...

07 October 2006

Grizedale out-of-bounds as rally takes to tracks

Grizedale: mile after mile of peaceful forest tracks, only the sound of rutting badgers and courting woodpigeons to disturb a walker’s quiet cogitation.Not next month.

18 November 2006

Young men's deaths shock climbing community

Police have named the two winter climbers who died after being rescued on Cairn Gorm’s northern corries.Geography undergraduate Richard Hardy, 18, was from Alton, Hampshire.

22 November 2006

Craig bags Helvellyn summit job

A former marine commando has bagged the job of climbing almost the height of Everest every week.Craig Palmer, pictured right, a member of Penrith Mountain Rescue Team, will make the daily trip to the summit of the Lake District’s third highest peak to record weather conditions.

16 November 2006

Battle of Titan's proportions after news of biggest cave

An unholy spat is developing between Derbyshire and North Yorkshire over whose cathedral-sized cavern is the best.Within hours of the broadcast of the discovery of Britain’s biggest cave in the Peak District, the Yorkshire custodians hit back with a ‘who’s bothered about size anyway’ statement.Right, the view from the top of Titan with Dave Nixon on the rope.

07 November 2006

Review: Above the World

 Above the World – Stunning Satellite Images from Above the EarthPublished by Cassell Illustrated, price £16.99, hardback 287ppThis coffee-table book is aimed at a general readership rather than the outdoor enthusiast.Nevertheless, there are some fascinating images to pore over for anyone familiar with the remote areas of our planet.Mountains naturally draw the eye.

01 November 2006

Wanted: mountaineer for all weathers

The clocks have gone back, the temperature’s finally starting to drop and summer is well and truly behind us.Left, Helvellyn in winterIt can mean only one thing: yes, it’s time to apply for the best job in Britain again.

29 October 2006

Scotland tops bird-crime shame list

Scotland tops the list of shame for attacks on birds of prey, according to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).The society has released figures showing that, between 1995 and 2006, there were 494 confirmed instances of persecution of the birds north of the border.

18 October 2006

Hidden gems for Yorkshire walkers

How many times have you dashed past those ubiquitous information boards dotted around our more scenic areas with the thought that, maybe I would like to know more, but I’ve got a walk to get on with?Here at grough, we hold our hands up and say, yes, we too are guilty.

14 October 2006

New common law gives power to the people

The great unwashed can now take action when they see common land being abused.New laws came into force at the weekend that give anyone the right to launch a court case if ‘unlawful works’, namely fences and buildings, are erected on commons.

06 October 2006


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