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Aberdyfi team uses Covid-19 protocols during callout to teen stuck on steep ground

Rescuers in Snowdonia were called out to bring to safety a teenager who was stuck on a steep slope. Aberdyfi Search and Rescue Team put in place it...

Boris Johnson eases English rules to allow driving to exercise locations

People in England will be permitted to drive to destinations to take their exercise from Wednesday. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the announ...

Police plea to walkers: don't look for loopholes to justify travel to other areas

Outdoor enthusiasts are again being urged to stay at home over the weekend, as the coronavirus lockdown continues.

Mountaineering council considers 'virtual' annual meeting during Covid-19 crisis

The British Mountaineering Council is considering holding its annual meeting in a ‘virtual’ form this year.

Snowdonia closes its most popular mountains in response to Covid-19 crisis

Snowdonia’s most popular mountains are being closed to the public with immediate effect. The national park authority announced it was stopping ac...

Mountain council: 'hillwalking and climbing on hold' as Covid-19 closures gather pace

The British Mountaineering Council has said hillwalking and climbing should be put on hold during the present coronavirus crisis.

Snowdonia bosses threaten to close trails as crowds flock to its mountains

National park bosses in Snowdonia may have to close trails and car parks if the public fails to heed government advice to curtail travel.

Experts issue rare 'special statement' on expected weekend Scottish avalanche risk

Experts have issued a rare special statement warning of challenging avalanche conditions in the Scottish Highlands.

On test: walkers' ice-axes reviewed

An ice-axe is essential for anyone heading for the wintry mountains in the UK; we put three to the test.

Welsh national parks warn driving to reach exercise locations still forbidden

Wales’s three national park authorities are urging the UK public to comply with rules restricting visits.

National parks repeat 'stay at home' message as Johnson hints at lockdown easing

Police and national park authorities are urging people to stay at home over the bank holiday weekend, emphasising Covid-19 restrictions remain in place.

Climbing legend Joe Brown dies, aged 89

Renowned rock-climber and mountaineer Joe Brown has died, aged 89. Among Brown’s achievements in a long climbing career were the joint first asce...

Welsh groups warn Covid-19 measures risk 'stigmatising' outdoor fans

A group of outdoor organisations has called on the Welsh Government to issue advice on taking outdoor exercise, as those making safe use of paths and green spaces risk becoming stigmatised.

Team advises stranded snapper to 'go home' after Tryfan rescue

A poorly equipped hillgoer had to be rescued after getting stuck on a Snowdonia mountain. Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation was called out ...

Outdoor bodies say: stay close to home to walk or ride

A group of major outdoor organisations in the UK has echoed the Prime Minister’s advice for the public to exercise close to home.

Group rescued in 11-hour operation after getting stranded on Tryfan

A group stranded on a Snowdonia mountain was rescued in a night-time operation lasting more than 11 hours.

Snowdonia walkers rescued after getting lost on Cadair Idris

Two walkers were rescued from a Snowdonia mountain as weather closed in. The men, in their late 20s and early 30s, called for help after getting lo...

North Wales mountain rescuers called into action as Storm Ciara strikes area

Mountain rescue teams in north Wales were in action over the weekend as Storm Ciara caused problems for residents and visitors in the area.


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