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Kinder Trespassers 'would today be kettled and labelled extremists'

If the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass took place in 2016, its participants would likely have been kettled before getting out of the car park and labelled extremists, an outdoors expert said.

Review: The Walker’s Handbook by Hugh Westacott

A comprehensive handbook on all aspects of walking, brought up-to-date in this recent edition...

Peak District gathering will mark Kinder trespassers' spirit

Ramblers will gather tomorrow to keep alive the spirit of pioneers of access to the countryside. It is 81 years since a group of walkers took to th...

Friends speak of Benny Rothman, 'ultra hero' at blue plaque unveiling

Guests at the unveiling of a blue plaque to the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass leader Benny Rothman paid tributes to the man viewed by many as a prime mover in the fight for public access to Britain’s uplands.

More than a thousand took part in Kinder anniversary events

More than a thousand walkers braved some of the worst April weather to take to the hills to celebrate pioneers of access to the countryside.

Kate urges gathering to 'keep Kinder torch aflame'

The new president of the Ramblers said the spirit of the Kinder Scout Mass Trespassers must be kept alive in the face of mounting challenges to the right to access the countryside.

Ramblers launch 'virtual trespass' as Kinder anniversary approaches

Walkers’ campaigners are urging outdoor enthusiasts to take part in a ‘virtual trespass’ as the 80th anniversary of the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass approaches.

Peak fund grant will help create Kinder Trespass archive

A two-year project to create an archive of the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass has received a cash boost. The Peak District National Park Authority’s ...

Ramblers celebrate anniversary of right-to-roam law

A historic walkers’ law that naysayers predicted would cause problems will today be celebrated as a massive success.

Spirit of Kinder gathering will mark Mass Trespass anniversary

The British Mountaineering Council’s hillwalking advocate will be among those gathering to mark the anniversary of a historic event in the battle for access to England’s uplands.

Kate Ashbrook warns Kinder meeting of plans for new criminal trespass law

A leading campaigner said walkers risked being made into criminals under a planned coalition Government law.

The outdoors world in 2012: our backward glance at the year past

Our rearward glance at a news-packed 2012 includes, as always, tragedy as well as uplifting stories of the great outdoors, and a few oddities.

Blue plaque unveiled at home of Kinder Trespass leader Benny Rothman

One of the pioneers of access to Britain’s uplands has had a blue plaque unveiled in his memory. Benny Rothman, a Manchester Communist, led the K...

Teach children lesson of Kinder trespassers' dissent, says author

An author and broadcaster said the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass was as important a part of England’s history as kings’ and queens’ coronations and the story should be on the curriculum in every school.

Manchester Rambler rendition will launch week of Kinder Trespass events

The village of Edale will resound to the echoes of a traditional ramblers’ song during celebrations of the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass next week.

Children of jailed Kinder trespassers will help mark 80th anniversary

The children of two of the Kinder Scout Mass Trespassers who were jailed for their part in the incident will take part in the celebrations to mark the 80th anniversary of the event.

Anniversary events will evoke spirit of Kinder mass trespass

Ramblers in period gear will re-enact a moorland walk that led to the imprisonment of five activists 80 years ago.

Fence to tackle mass trespass, of sheep, on Kinder

To the rambler with a sense of history, it is as important as Bannockburn to a Scots nationalist, or Orgreave to a redundant miner.


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