Moors for the Future

Moorland group joins Emily Brontë bicentenary celebrations with Bogtastic visit

A conservation group will join celebrations to mark the bicentenary of an author whose work inspires thousands of visits to the moors around her former home.

27 July 2018

Wildfire warning for South Pennines as dry weather continues

The continued dry spell has increased the risk of wildfires on the Pennine moors, authorities warned.

09 May 2017

Pennine peat project saves CO2 equivalent to 7-million-mile car trip

Work on conserving peat moorlands in the Pennines have saved as much carbon dioxide as a 7-million-mile car journey would produce.

23 November 2015

Four free phone apps that will help you identify moorland wildlife and features

Can you tell your curlew from your dunlin? Can you differentiate between Yorkshire fog and sheep’s fescue? Help is at hand for outdoor fans in a ...

12 July 2015

Stanage moors will benefit from heather 'haircut'

A popular Peak District moor will be getting a haircut to keep in top trim. The area close to Stanage Edge will have heather cropped by machinery t...

02 October 2013

Huge airlift in bid to turn Pennine hills green

One of the UK’s biggest ever conservation airlifts aims to turn Pennine uplands from black to green.

18 January 2012

Fence to tackle mass trespass, of sheep, on Kinder

To the rambler with a sense of history, it is as important as Bannockburn to a Scots nationalist, or Orgreave to a redundant miner.

15 November 2010

Kinder project aims to reduce flood risk

They are the source of drinking water for millions of inhabitants of northern towns and cities, but the Peak District moors can also deliver devastating floods when torrential rain pours off the peat uplands.

01 October 2010

Helicopter drop for 'critical moss' in moorland trial

A helicopter was used to drop vital moorland moss by national park staff in an effort to reverse decades of erosion.

12 May 2010

Peak conservationists to tackle Dambusters run to help fix 'bog of doom'

Conservation staff and national park employees will tackle a 10-mile run to help fix a moorland ‘bog of doom’.

22 June 2018

Peak District mountain bikers spark debate on future of Cut Gate route

Mountain bikers in the Peak District are seeking views on one of the national park’s most popular routes.

19 February 2017

Pennine walkers urged to help log lifesaving sphagnum moss bogs

Scientists are asking outdoor enthusiasts to help them log an important lifesaving moorland plant. Sphagnum moss helped save lives during both Worl...

22 October 2015

Scientists reveal plan to cover Kinder Scout in green slime

Conservationists plan to cover parts of the Peak District’s highest hill in green slime. Walkers have been warned to expect scenes reminiscent of...

27 March 2015

Kinder Scout path improvements pave the way for walkers

Paths on four routes up the Peak District’s highest hill have been improved to help walkers and reduce erosion.

10 January 2013

Special showings for teenagers' video of national park moorland research

Teenage students involved in a moorland preservation scheme have produced a video that will be shown to visitors next month.

19 October 2011

Appeal for walkers' memories of Peak District blackspot

A conservation group is appealing to outdoors enthusiasts for memories of a notorious walkers’ blackspot.

06 October 2010

£5m project aims to protect peat moorland

A project to save some of the peat uplands of northern England will benefit from a £5½m European grant.

23 July 2010

Students help Peak moorland climate-change research

School students joined national park staff to gather research evidence on climate change in the Peak District.

19 March 2010


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