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The outdoors in 2016: take a look back at a year of amazing events

A wild start to 2016 set the tone for the following 12 months with record-breaking rescue numbers, climbing achievements and astonishing challenges, making it a year to remember.

The outdoors year in view: our look back at the events of 2014

Here's grough's look over the shoulder at 12 months' of outdoor action...

Family praises Glencoe walker Shaun Bowden's courage in death fall

The family of the walker who died in a fall from Bidean nam Bian last week told how he tried in vain to arrest his slide using his ice axe.

The outdoors world in 2012: our backward glance at the year past

Our rearward glance at a news-packed 2012 includes, as always, tragedy as well as uplifting stories of the great outdoors, and a few oddities.

Avalanche victim's memorial fund offers climbing expedition cash

Trustees of a fund set up in memory of a climber who died in an avalanche in the Scottish Highlands are offering financial help for mountaineering expeditions.

Tragedy and triumph: the outdoor world in 2009 (continued)

As the decade which seems to have become known as the noughties packed its bags and prepared for the trip into history, its final days had a familiar ring: winter catching out climbers and walkers, with tragic consequences..

Scots Government renews mountain rescue teams' funding

The Scottish Government today pledged to carry on its financial support of mountain rescue teams north of the border.

2008: take a trip with us through the highs and lows of the year

In the slovenly hiatus between Santa’s return north and the alcoholic debauchery of the New Year, journalists traditionally have a problem: how to fill the space on their various publications when, well, not much happens..

The outdoors year in view: our look back through 2015's triumphs, tragedies and curiosities

The year provided plenty of outdoor adventures, not least provided by Mother Nature herself, as exceptional weather became the norm.

The great outdoors in 2013: our look back at the events of the year

'Sheepwrecked fells', a porcupine, octupus and bottled vole: the outdoors can be a surprising place...

Body of man found by rescuers on Bidean nam Bian

Rescuers have found a body on a Scottish peak where four people were killed in an avalanche earlier this year.

The great outdoors in 2011: the year in view

Our customary look-back at the past year provides a mix of triumph and controversy; tragedy and humour, with a few heroic acts.

2010 in retrospect: join us in a look back at the outdoors year

As the year draws to a close, we take a look back at the events that have shaped the events in 2010. From tragedy to triumph, heartbreak to ecstasy, t...

Heather gives expert view on mountain blackspots

The woman in charge of promoting safety on Scotland’s mountains has been taking a close look at the blackspots, where walkers, climbers and mountaineers are most likely to come to grief.

Hill Walking Essentials DVD: advice to help you on the hills

The number of rescues we report here on grough is testament to the potential dangers of walking on Britain’s hills and mountains.


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