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Scots Ramblers' boss calls on new Tory leader to tackle threat to wild land

The head of the Ramblers in Scotland has called on the nation’s new Conservative leader to lead a change in energy policy.

Ramblers' hope for crossing at Highland 'Berlin Wall' site

Campaigners are confident a crossing for walkers and riders will be in place within a couple of years where an ancient route crosses the main Highland road.

Protests planned as 'Berlin Wall' threatens Highland walkers' route

The head of the Ramblers in Scotland has challenged the country’s First Minister to take a hike. Convener Dennis Canavan called on Alex Salmond t...

2010 in retrospect: join us in a look back at the outdoors year

As the year draws to a close, we take a look back at the events that have shaped the events in 2010. From tragedy to triumph, heartbreak to ecstasy, t...

Power line opponents demand new public inquiry

Opponents of the controversial electricity power line which is planned to cross some of Scotland’s most scenic landscape have demanded the reopening of the public inquiry into the scheme.

Ramblers celebrate access victory in battle of Boquhan

The Ramblers have welcomed a landmark court victory in a long-running access battle with a Scottish millionaire.

Power line 'will damage mountain landscapes'

The controversial replacement power line, which will see 60m (200ft) pylons march across some of the most spectacular scenery in the Highlands, looks set to be approved.

Scots Ramblers' chiefs: we need to raise £200,000 within weeks

Scotland’s Ramblers today announced a cash appeal to help save the organisation from proposed cuts.

Ramblers staff face the boot as cash crisis hits charity

A cash crisis could see the Ramblers reduced to a rump outside England. Staff in Scotland and Wales face the sack or pay cuts with proposals to los...

Ramblers: turbines destroying Scotland's wildernesses

Britain’s biggest walking charity is warning outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy Scotland’s wildernesses while they can, before they disappear.

Ramblers' boss says: stop the windfarm gravy train

The head of the Ramblers in Scotland has called for a halt to what he called the country’s disastrous energy policies that have seen its world-famous landscapes desecrated by windfarms.

Build on land reform success, Ramblers tell politicians

The campaigning organisation that was instrumental in securing world-class countryside access laws for Scotland has called on politicians to keep up the impetus of land reform.

What future for the outdoor world, post election?

With a general election just round the corner, where will the world of outdoor activities stand after the poll?.

Ramblers' challenge to Cameron over Beauly-Denny line

The leader of Scotland’s Ramblers today challenged the Conservative leader to put people before pylons and ditch the controversial scheme to build a massive power line through the Highlands.

Trust urges members to keep pressure on Salmond on power line

Supporters of a leading conservation charity are being urged to pile the pressure on Scotland’s First Minister to reject plans for a major power line that will cut through the Highlands.

Scots Ramblers edge towards breakaway

Ramblers in Scotland may follow their own path after their staffing was savagely cut on the orders of its London board.

Scots mountaineers plead for rethink over Ramblers' closure

Scotland’s mountaineering body has called on the Ramblers to rethink the decision to close their Scottish office.

Ramblers' walk campaign to combat Scots' 'shocking health'

The Ramblers will next week start a major campaign to get Scots fit in time for the Commonwealth Games in 2014.


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