If you're taking to two wheels on Dartmoor and want to take some of the strain out of the height gain, the national park authority is running a scheme to help you.

The Dartmoor Freewheler is a free bus service with a cycle trailer attached, so you can get your bike to the high ground of the moor and enjoy the (mostly) downhill ride out again, or so the authority claims.

The service runs on summer Sundays, until October, with a different route each of the four Sundays in the month. When there's a fifth one, a bonus route (well actually the week on route from Saltram to Princetown) will operate.

Dartmoor National Park's website has full details, including downloadable PDFs of the routes and timetables.

Dartmoor cycle routes include the Devon Coast to Coast path the Dartmoor Way and the Granite Way, using part of a disused railway line.