Climbers are being warned they are not welcome at a Peak bouldering site.

The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) says the public should stay away from Eagle Tor near Birchover in Derbyshire after its owners said they were withdrawing access permission.

The BMC said: “The owners are decent people with a young family and appreciate the quality of the crag. However, the bottom line is large numbers of visitors, damaged fencing, defecation near the house, toilet paper and noise have justifiably eroded their patience.
The boulders are located on private land – effectively their back garden – and the owners are within their rights to eject you.

grough reported in December that climbers were creating problems for the owners. Sadly, it seems the problems have persisted, so the BMC says: stay away. The family which owns the crag says it will now erect fencing round the bouldering site.

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