Paws on the MoorsThese are obviously dog days for the outdoor world: not content with just advising dog owners about how they should act in the countryside, authorities in the Peak District are launching a dog blog today at Crufts.

The blog is in the form of a podcast – an audio play featuring collie-cross Barney and his friends Bingo and Kipper, and is a light-hearted attempt to educate walkers about the delights and dangers of taking dogs on to the moors during lambing and nesting time.

The dog blog, Paws on the Moors, was written by Pamela Butler with help from the UK Kennel Club and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. It was commissioned by Moors for the Future and is performed by the Graduate Theatre Company from the University of Derby.

While light-hearted, the dog-blog has a serious message about the need for vigilance in avoiding damage to wildlife and farm stock during the period between March and the end of July.

Dan Boys, moor-care officer who masterminded the project, said, “From our research we discovered that many owners are simply unaware of the risks posed to wildlife and livestock by uncontrolled dogs, and indeed to the pets themselves.

“We hope the light-hearted approach of the podcast will illustrate some of these issues.”

Stephen Jenkinson, access advisor for the UK Kennel Club which supports the project, said: “This entertaining, informative approach gives people excellent advice about keeping their dogs happy and safe on the moors, whilst protecting rare birds and wildlife.

“A pet roaming off-lead at the wrong time or place can cause distress and serious injury for dogs, farm animals and wildlife alike.”

You can download the dogblog from the Moors for the Future wesbsite.