Pennine Way fingerpost on Cam High Road in the Yorkshire DalesWaymarkers along the Yorkshire Dales section of the Pennine Way are being replaced with high-quality oak signs.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority has received a grant of £7,000 to replace 95 signs and markers along its section of the 270-mile National Trail.

Above right: Pennine Way fingerpost on Cam High Road in the Yorkshire Dales

51 miles of the long-distance path run through the Dales and Natural England, the Government agency for the outdoors, has given the money to upgrade and update the signs. The Dales authority is one of the first to benefit from such a grant. Additional information will be displayed on roadside signs, such as destination and distance.

The Dales authority’s Pennine Way ranger Peter Lambert said: “The signs being replaced vary significantly along the trail and, because many were put up over the years, they are reaching the end of their useful life.

“The new ones will bring uniformity to the route while still allowing for slight regional differences. They will be of a higher quality – reflecting the high standards expected of a National Trail – and, because they are made from oak, they will be very durable.”

Officers from the park authority are in the process of replacing the signs.