Farmers will be throwing open their gates this weekend to show what goes on behind the cowsheds and haybarns.

Open Farm Sunday involves agricultural concerns across Great Britain ranging from smallholdings to colleges and members of the public can get a close-up view of animals as diverse as alpacas and reindeer.

Drystone walling demonstrations, milking, animal husbandry and harvesting will all be on view at selected farms. The whole event is overseen by the Linking Environment and Farming (Leaf) organisation. There are details on the Open Farm Sunday website, where you can also find out which farms are involved, area by area.

Most sites involved advise wearing suitable clothing and footwear, and many have organised farm walks. A few have a limitation on numbers, and may need pre-booking so check before setting out.

Last year, nearly 300 farmers took part in the event and thousands of visitors took a look at the farms involved.