Naked rambler Stephen Gough is back behind bars after a sheriff jailed him for contempt of court.

The controversial walker refused to wear clothes for the hearing at Edinburgh Sheriff Court and was kept in the cells while the verdict was delivered. The 48-year-old has already spent 19 months in prison.

Gough was due to appear for sentencing by Sheriff Katherine Mackie yesterday after five Appeal Court judges ruled he was in contempt for an offence in December 2005. His legal team had appealed against four other verdicts of contempt.

However, the appeal was dismissed earlier in November and Gough was jailed for three months by Sheriff Mackie. He refused put on clothing in court, saying appearing naked does not constitute contempt for the court and that it is a fundamental freedom to appear unclothed in public.

The judge said the decision of the appeal court judges showed her original contempt verdict was the correct one and it was a matter of regret that Gough continued his contemptuous behaviour.

The naked rambler has been repeatedly re-arrested each time he has left jail without wearing clothes.

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