Two men were rescued from Scafell at the weekend, after becoming cragfast at a mountain blackspot.

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) took to the hills to help the two, from Liverpool, who had been attempting to ascend Scafell via Lord’s Rake, one of three notorious accident sites listed by the team.

The two, in their late 30s and early 40s, called for help around 3.30pm when they could go no further after getting stuck on a rock terrace overlooking Deep Gill. 12 members of the team were involved in the rescue, which took eight hours and took place in heavy rain.

The rescued men had passed the fallen rock pillar at the top of Lord’s Rake and ended up on a crag above the next section of their route, Deep Gill.

The MRT lowered one of their members by rope to the men, who were on a weekend trip to the Lake District, and they were then lifted to the top of the crag and walked off the mountain to Brackenclose in Wasdale, via Green How.

The rescue operation ended at 11.30pm.