The buzzard that was nursed back to health after being shot

The buzzard that was nursed back to health after being shot

A buzzard that was found in a malnourished condition after it was shot has been released back into the wild.

But police are still appealing for information about how the bird, found near Pateley Bridge in Nidderdale,  North Yorkshire, came by its injuries. They called the shooting of the female buzzard barbaric.

The bird of prey was found on 14 September. The farmer contacted the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and it was taken to a rehabilitation centre to be treated.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said: “On examination, the buzzard, a female of breeding age, was found to have suffered a shotgun injury. Two pellets were lodged in its leg, which had been fractured by the impact. Flight feathers had also been damaged by shotgun pellets.

“By the time she was found the bird was extremely malnourished.”

The buzzard was nursed back to health by staff from Ryedale Rescue where she made a full recovery before recently being released back into her natural habitat.

PC Mark Rasbeary, North Yorkshire Police wildlife crime coordinator, said: “It is completely unacceptable that birds of prey are still being persecuted in this manner.

“We should be proud that these fantastic birds are living in our area, and they should be enjoyed, instead of being killed and injured by a mindless minority of people.

PC Rasbeary: 'barbaric behaviour'

PC Rasbeary: 'barbaric behaviour'

“North Yorkshire Police are determined to put a stop to such barbaric behaviour and help to preserve the numbers of these great birds that frequent our county.”

PC Gareth Jones, Harrogate and district wildlife crime officer, said: “I would like to thank Jean Thorpe from Ryedale Rescue for her hard work and dedication which has resulted in this breeding female common buzzard being nursed back to health and released.”

PC Rasbeary continued: “If anyone has any information about this or other birds of prey being injured or killed, please contact the police or Crimestoppers immediately.”

Anyone with information that could help police with their enquiries into identifying the person who shot the buzzard or would like to report any other incidents can contact North Yorkshire Police on 0845 60 60 24 7.

The buzzard, buteo buteo, is now the commonest and most widespread UK bird of prey. The bird’s greatest numbers are in Scotland, Wales, the Lake District and south-west England, but pairs are now breeding in every county of the UK.

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