The Snugpak Chrysalis 5

The Snugpak Chrysalis 5

A sleeping bag range that includes a reading might has gained an award for innovation.

Snugpak’s Chrysalis collection took the sleeping bag category prize in the Novel Awards at the Outdoor Trade Show held recently.

The bags, officially launched at the Warwickshire show, feature a reading light in the hood, stowed in a small pouch. The light can be used either as a steady light source for campers or as a flashing distress signal.

Judges for the awards included retailers, journalists and, mountaineer Bonita Norris.

The West Yorkshire-based manufacturer said users will not now have to leave the warmth and security of their sleeping bags or search their tents for a light source.

The Chrysalis range can also expand to provide up to 20cm extra chest space to provide more room, and also help adjust the temperature by altering the air circulation within the bag.

The range, which is due to go on sale next year, will provide protection for a variety of needs from comfort rating 7C to extreme –20C and they will be available in a range of colours.

Snugpak's Darren Burrell receives the award from Bonita Norris

Snugpak said the bags retain the tried and tested Softie Original insulation – a synthetic filling which mimics the properties of down – but this will now be encased in a technical outer fabric, Paratex Micro. It claims it is tough, lightweight, highly windproof and water-repellent, and exceptionally hard-wearing and heavy-duty, yet remains soft to the touch.

Contact Snugpak on 01535 654479 or visit its website for a list of stockists.