Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarProof

Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarProof

Waterproofing company Nikwax is concentrating its efforts on its tent treatment.

The Sussex-based firm is introducing a concentrated version of its Tent & Gear SolarProof range.

The new products are 3½ times more concentrated, meaning an easier trip back from the shop without the need for a heavy container.

Prices have also been reduced for the range, which is formulated without fluorocarbons or solvents, and which Nikwax says doubles the life of tents and other gear by protecting it from ultra-violet light damage while increasing its water repellency.

Nikwax founder and chief executive said: “Nikwax is committed to constantly improving our products.

“We provide consumers with the highest performing aftercare solutions that extend the life of gear, saving money and resources with the lowest environmental impact. We know that a good tent is a major investment for campers.

“Tent & Gear SolarProof can more than double a tent’s useful life, and keep campers comfortable and dry for much longer.”

The company said the non-flammable, waterproofing solution can be applied to a wet or a dry and is the most concentrated waterproofing for tents available, with the concentrated pouch using 92 per cent less packaging.

The 150 ml pouch, which dilutes to 500ml and treats 5 sq metres, retails at £5.99; the 1-litre bottle – diluted to 3½ litres – treats 35 sq metres and retails for £22.99; a 5-litre bottle, which dilutes to 17½ litres, treats 175 sq metres and retails for £89.99.

Once diluted, the product can be sprayed, brushed or sponged on.