Kenton Cool and Keith Partridge at Base Camp

Kenton Cool and Keith Partridge at Base Camp

Record-breaking Everest summiteer Kenton Cool is preparing for his push to the summit of the world’s highest mountain.

The Gloucestershire-based climber expects to leave Base Camp on Sunday in his quest to fulfil an Olympic pledge and take his own summit tally to ten.

Bad weather and a head injury to climbing party member Dorje Gylgen have delayed his final journey to the 8,848m (29,029ft) and yesterday he posted a video demonstrating self-doubt as he gazed up at the mountain from Camp One, but he now hopes to make the move back up from Base Camp this weekend.

If all goes to plan, Cool hopes to have the 1924 Olympic medal on Everest’s summit in a week’s time.

The medal was awarded to Arthur Wakefield, one of the members of the unsuccessful 1922 Everest expedition, by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, at the 1924 inaugural Winter Olympics, in honour of the team’s efforts.

Kenton Cool said in a statement from Base Camp: “If Mount Everest permits it, this will be the final act of the 1922 Everest expedition team and we hope that it will be a fitting tribute to the 21 men who won Olympic medals that year.”

Cool’s attempt at his 10th summit will be filmed by Keith Partridge who, along with Dorje Gylgen, will join him on his six day trip from Base Camp to the top of the world and back.

If and when he reaches the summit Cool will attempt the first ever live broadcast direct to the BBC.

His intention is to make Everest’s summit some time between 4am and 6am on Friday.

He also promised to keep Britain and the world informed of his progress via social media using the latest mobile technology supplied by his sponsor Samsung.

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