Yewbarrow, where the family of three got lost

Yewbarrow, where the family of three got lost

A family was helped to safety from a fell by other walkers after ringing police for help.

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted at 3.50pm today, Saturday, after police requested their help for the three walkers who were lost on Yewbarrow and could not find their way off the 628m (2,060ft) overlooking Wast Water.

A team spokesperson said: “Although the cloud was high the steepness of the ground was causing them to hold their position unsure of where to go next.

“We mounted a limited callout to help them off the mountain but before we assembled at base they phoned to say they had bumped into other walkers who were going to help them get down.”

The eight Wasdale MRT members who had been alerted were then stood down.

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