Drywarmer offers a high-tech solution to drying out soggy boots

Drywarmer offers a high-tech solution to drying out soggy boots

Soggy, smelly boots are a habitual hazard for walkers in Britain.

Over a year, a fair proportion of outdoor trips to the UK countryside are likely to involve an encounter with rain, mud and boggy ground.

A French firm has produced an alternative to stuffing your footwear with old copies of the local newspaper to try to dry out boots.

The Drywarmer comes from Voiron-based Sidas and offers a more high-tech solution to drying out soggy boots.

The company said: “For our continental cousins, this is normally an ordeal reserved for the inclement winter months, but the realities of the British climate make drying out your footwear a frequent occurrence.

Recognising the plight of the British people, Sidas are proud to introduce the Drywarmer, a handy bit of kit that takes the hard work out of wet boots.

“The Drywarmer consists of two electric heating elements – the bits that look like futuristic space ships – that are inserted into each boot or shoe.

“When plugged in and switched on the Drywarmer emits UV light and warms to a temperature of 50C, gently drying footwear from the inside out.

“Outdoor footwear which is outfitted with a waterproof membrane normally traps water vapour, meaning that the insides dry out last, often remaining damp even after a night by the radiator in the airing cupboard.

“The Drywarmer overcomes this problem by drying from the inside out.

“The added bonus of the UV light is its antibacterial action, as it dries it also kills off any nasty bugs and bacteria that thrive in damp insoles and sweaty socks, giving your boots a thorough cleaning.”

The Drywarmer retails at £25 and more details, including stockists, are on the Sidas site under the winter sports tab.