A still from the film detailing the assault on the remote Venezuelan mountain

A still from the film detailing the assault on the remote Venezuelan mountain

Renowned adventure filmmaker Alastair Lee’s latest film promises to be an offering beyond the ordinary with tales of disguise, shamanism and jungle nasties.

Autana follows climbers Leo Houlding, Jason Pickles and Sean Leary in their quest to summit the Amazonian table-top mountain Cerro Autana.

The trio, two Brits and one US climber, attempt the unclimbed east face of the remote tepuy.

A spokesperson for the film, which is supported by outdoor brand Berghaus, said: “The action beings with a covert journey via military checkpoints and secret ports through Amazonas state.

“The team of clandestine climbers, disguised as tourists, travel down the Orinoco River to the remote village of Ceguera. There, they make a traumatic psychotropic visit to the local shaman to gain access to the sacred mountain, which is regarded by the tribespeople as the stump of the ‘tree of life’.

“From there, sweltering humidity, porter chaos and an assortment of jungle nasties are just a part of this spectacular journey of self-discovery and big-wall hunting.

“Autana sees the team of redoubtable characters find their way up the jungle-infested rock face, where they are amazed not only by the climbing, but also by a ‘luxury’ wall camp in the incredible Autana cave system – the highest elevated cave system in the world – just below the summit of the tepuy.

Cerro Autana is a spectacular quartzite-sandstone tepuy – a table mountain similar to the one supposedly still inhabited by dinosaurs in the Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle book The Lost World – situated deep in the jungle in the state of Amazonas in eastern Venezuela.

The film will have its premiere on Thursday 18 October at the Tyneside Cinema in central Newcastle upon Tyne.

For more information or to book tickets, visit the Tyneside Cinema website.

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