The PhD Seamless Strappy Bra

The PhD Seamless Strappy Bra

Women working for US brand SmartWool have created their own sports bra range to improve comfort while tackling outdoor activities.

A spokesperson for the company, best known for its merino wool socks, said: “When it comes to women’s apparel, there’s one thing that needs to feel good: a bra.

“If it’s not right, then active women can forget about having fun no matter what they’re doing. So after years of wishing for a more comfortable sports bra, the ladies at SmartWool have decided to make their own.”

Sara Yoder, SmartWool women’s apparel product line manager, said: “We have ladies on our team who have been wearing their NTS Microweight Baselayer tops under their synthetic bras for years, but we didn’t want to put something out unless we knew we could deliver the kind of comfort and performance women deserve.

“So after 640 hours of research and development, two decades of combined bra design expertise, 280 hours of factory work, 400- plus hours of field testing, we are confident we finally have a bra that can stand up to the high standards of extraordinary comfort and performance our consumers expect from us.”

The new technical PhD Sport Bras have merino next to the skin. “It’s more comfortable and gives women the best wicking and temperature regulation possible, so workouts can be efficient and distraction free,” SmartWool said.

The company said the PhD Sports Bras tackle what active women want and need: great fit, chafe-free mobility, moisture-wicking, wide comfort straps, and a snug, not too tight elastic ribcage band.

“SmartWool designers also engineered the 4 Degree Elite Fit System ensuring wearers have all the support they need without chafing, pinching, binding or flattening,” it said. “The bras have a smooth facing that keeps clothes from clinging. And because fitness comes in all shapes and sizes, SmartWool offers four styles, ranging from some support to maximum support.”

The technical bras come in several styles, with different levels of support.

The collection offers two constructed bras: the PhD Support Bra and the PhD Racerback Bra. Both use a panel-construction and select materials to provide the support needed for low and high impact activities for B/C/D cups.

These feature the 4 Degree Elite Fit System: support and stability straps, engineered cups, strategically placed material and knit types in key support zones, and elastic bands at the ribcage providing a comfortable and secure anchor point.

The collection also includes two seamless bra options the PhD Seamless Racerback Bra and the PhD Seamless Strappy Bra. They provide support and coverage for an A or B cup in higher impact sports and for a C cup in low impact sports.

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