The man got stuck on Craig yr Ysfa. Photo: Eric Jones CC-BY-SA-2.0

The man got stuck on Craig yr Ysfa. Photo: Eric Jones CC-BY-SA-2.0

An experienced walker and climber had to be rescued after he got stuck on a route in Snowdonia.

The 65-year-old from Manchester was tackling a scramble on Craig yr Ysfa, south-east of Carnedd Llewelyn today when he strayed into a position where he got cragfast.

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation was called out at 12.30pm after the man rang 999.

Chris Lloyd of the team said the man was following a route up Amphitheatre Gully from a guidebook.

“About lunchtime and in glorious weather, he scrambled up a rocky bluff with the intention of climbing the arête between the two arms of the y-shaped gully,” he said.

“Unfortunately, having made a move which he could not return, he found himself below a small roof. As he was on a scrambling route, he was not equipped with a rope. He tried to attract the attention of two rock-climbers on Mur-y-Newl, but without success.

“So he had no option but to telephone for mountain rescue.”

Four Ogwen team members made their way to the top of the crag to try to locate the man while three came up Cwm Eigiau to ‘spot’ the scrambler. A further five team members headed for the top carrying more rope and kit.

Mr Lloyd said: “Fortunately, 22 Squadron [from RAF Valley] had just dropped off at Bangor hospital so was able to assist. The winchman was lowered the full length of the wire into the gully.

“With some daring acrobatics on the end of the wire the winch was able to get the strop on the man. He then had an airy winch up to the helicopter which was in the clean air well above the cliff face.

“After landing on to collect the party of four, they were flown to Oggie Base.”

Mr Lloyd said the it was: ‘an unfortunate incident that could happened to anyone’.

The three-hour rescue involved 22 volunteers from the Ogwen team.

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