The man broke his leg in Watlowes

The man broke his leg in Watlowes

An injured walker in his seventies dragged himself out of a valley towards a road after falling and badly breaking his ankle.

The 73-year-old was walking in the dry valley of Watlowes above Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales today when he suffered the injury.

The Clapham-based Cave Rescue Organisation was eventually called out about 5.45pm to help the man after a member of the public made a 999 call.

A CRO spokesperson said: “With no-one around he crawled and dragged himself out of the valley and up towards the road near Langscar Gate where another walker chanced upon him and raised the alarm.

“CRO responded and, following treatment by a paramedic, stretchered the casualty the remaining distance up to the road and a waiting ambulance.

“If only all our casualties were as determined and self-sufficient.”

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