The missing people were actually near the outflow of Red Tarn

The missing people were actually near the outflow of Red Tarn

Rescuers spent five hours searching for walkers lost on the slopes of England’s third highest mountain.

Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was alerted by police about 5.10pm yesterday after the walkers were reported lost in the Lanty’s Tarn area, which overlooks the village.

Team members attempted to contact the missing people by mobile phone but poor coverage meant this was not possible.

The team did manage to send a Sarloc message to the missing walkers. This sends a link to a smartphone which, when followed, allows the system to pinpoint the phone’s location.

This put the walkers at a site 300m from the outflow from Red Tarn on Helvellyn, more than 3km (2 miles) from Lanty’s Tarn. Team members set off towards the location indicated by the Sarloc reading.

A Patterdale MRT spokesperson said: “A second Sarloc was issued to confirm that the persons were descending in the right direction towards Greenside Mine as instructed.

“Unfortunately the revised location placed the missing persons on Swirral Edge. The persons were instructed to stay put. Team members quickly located the persons and after a quick assessment on scene began walking them off back towards Greenside Mine above Glenridding.”

The rescue involved 13 volunteers from Patterdale MRT.

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