Elaine Gardiner, Berghaus's corporate sustainability officer

Elaine Gardiner, Berghaus's corporate sustainability officer

Outdoor brand Berghaus has scored a British first with its adoption of the bluesign system.

bluesign is scheme that works with chemical suppliers, textile mills and component manufacturers to eliminate harmful substances from the supply chain, ensuring that products are safe for consumers, workers and the environment.

Led by its corporate sustainability officer Elaine Gardiner, Berghaus has worked with bluesign and its supply chain to ensure that its products meet demanding requirements in terms of hazardous substances, worker safety and environmental protection.

A brand spokesperson said: “Berghaus has dedicated more resource to reducing the environmental impact of its activities.

The ECO Wovens Shirt is one of the bluesign range

The ECO Wovens Shirt is one of the bluesign range

“A particular focus has been placed on water use in product manufacture, recognising the increasing pressure that is being put on this limited resource by growing populations and industrialisation.

“The textile industry in particular is highly water intensive, both in terms of extraction and pollution, with an estimated 20 per cent of global industrial water pollution coming from the treatment and dyeing of textiles alone.

“Berghaus’s commitment extends to working with suppliers and textile mills who are able to demonstrate they can manage water in the cleanest and most efficient ways, minimising the impact on the water systems in the countries from which they source.

“In 2014, the company revealed details of a new colouring technology it introduced for a range of woven products, which reduces water use by 89 per cent compared to traditional methods, while also reducing chemical use by 63 per cent and significantly reducing CO2 emissions.”

Customers will soon be able to find products in the current Berghaus range which contain bluesign-approved fabrics, including the award winning ECO Wovens clothing that was introduced for spring-summer 2015.

The company is aiming for 70 per cent of its products to contain a bluesign approved fabric by spring-summer next year.

Ms Gardiner said: “Berghaus is delighted to be joining the bluesign system.

“We have put a great deal of work into this project and this is a very significant moment for the brand. bluesign has major credibility around the world and will give retailers and consumers assurance that our products not only perform but are more environmentally friendly than ever.

“However, we won’t stop now. We will continue the drive to design and develop socially and environmentally responsible products in every part of the Berghaus collection.”

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