Sid was collected from the SSPCA's rescue centre. Photo: SSPCA

Sid was collected from the SSPCA's rescue centre. Photo: SSPCA

A dog found on top of England’s highest mountain has been reunited with its owner.

The dog, christened Scafell by the charity that took him in, is actually called Sid and belongs to a Cumbrian sheep farmer.

He was found on Scafell Pike last week by an Ayrshire couple holidaying in the Lake District and they took him north of the border after appeals to find the animal’s owner were unsuccessful.

Staff at the Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals Glasgow rescue centre nicknamed the collie cross Scafell and appealed for information about the dog.

Centre assistant manager Katrina Cavanagh said: “The couple who found Sid told us he was petrified and they brought him home because they couldn’t get help locally.

“Unfortunately, Sid wasn’t microchipped so we couldn’t contact his owner directly. Thankfully, he came forward following our appeal and arranged for Sid to be collected as he wasn’t able to travel to Glasgow.

“The owner is a local sheep farmer and Sid is one of his working dogs. He believes Sid took off after a bitch in season and had been looking for him. While he was surprised when he found out Sid was in Scotland, he was also very relieved he was safe.

“Sid was delighted to see Jason, who works with his owner, and leapt into his van ready to go home, happy for his adventure to be over. He’s a lovely dog and we wouldn’t have had any trouble finding him a home if we’d needed to as we had lots of offers.

“This is another example of why it’s important for pets to be microchipped.”

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