Rescuers stretcher the runner from the hill. Photo: Edale MRT

Rescuers stretcher the runner from the hill. Photo: Edale MRT

A fellrunner was rescued from a Peak District hill after suffering a suspected broken leg.

The man was taking part in an organised event when he lost his footing on a rocky section of path at the top of Grindslow Knoll above Edale.

Edale and Buxton Mountain Rescue Teams were called out on Sunday and went to the runner’s aid.

Ed Proudfoot of the Edale team said: “Fortunately he suffered the fall near to a marshals’ checkpoint and they were quickly able to raise the alarm for assistance.

“Edale team members and a team vehicle were fundraising at Edale Country Day and were able to quickly respond on the hill. Once on scene, team members administered strong analgesia as well as Entonox gas to help with the man’s pain, as well as keeping him warm in a team shelter while preparations were made for the evacuation.

“Once splinted and packaged we then started the carry off, firstly by ’sledging’ our stretcher down the steep slopes at the top of the knoll, and then carrying off more conventionally on the rocky path.”

The injured runner was stretchered to Grindsbrook Booth where an ambulance was waiting and he was taken to hospital for further treatment.

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