Jon Gale leads a walk for Berghaus in Cumbria

Jon Gale leads a walk for Berghaus in Cumbria

An outdoors expert who traces his association with a leading brand back more than 40 years has retired.

Berghaus stalwart Jon Gale began working with the company soon after its inception at the LD Mountain Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne.

He started working at the Tyneside store in 1973, around the time that Berghaus was making its first branded products. He spent some years away from the brand, working as an instructor in an outdoor centre, before returning and going on to head the training team.

In recent years, Mr Gale has been part of the marketing team, continuing to lead on training, and organising product days on the hill with retailers and media, and induction walks for new staff.

Richard Leedham, Berghaus brand president, said: “For most of us Jon Gale personifies all things Berghaus and he has been an incredible asset and true brand advocate since he first joined the company.

“His product and general outdoor knowledge is second-to-none and he’s been sharing as much of that as possible with the rest of the team.

“I have known Jon ‘Danger’ Gale for almost 20 years and he has been an outstanding colleague and a good friend. Everyone at Berghaus is very grateful for the contribution that Jon has made to the business and we wish him a long and adventure-filled retirement.”

In recent months, Mr Gale has been updating the Berghaus archive of products, catalogues and other marketing materials from the last five decades, in preparation for the brand’s 50th birthday next year.

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