The cavers' vehicle was found at Bull Pot Farm

The cavers' vehicle was found at Bull Pot Farm

Four cavers were brought to safety from an underground system after they were reported overdue.

The three men and a woman were attempting a through trip in the Easegill system in the western Dales on Saturday when they failed to resurface.

The Cave Rescue Organisation was called out shortly before 1am on Sunday to aid the group, who had entered via Top Sink with the intention of making their way through to Lancaster Hole.

A team spokesperson said: “Initial enquiries confirmed they had not returned to their lodging, and their vehicle was still located at Bull Pot Farm.

“Rescue teams, including additional cavers from Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association, were despatched to locate the group. They were eventually located near to Fall Pot, and then escorted to the surface via Lancaster Hole, unhurt but tired.”

The lost cavers were found about 6am. The Easegill system is the longest and most complex system in the UK, crossing three county boundaries.

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