The body was found on the East Face of Tryfan

The body was found on the East Face of Tryfan

A man has died after falling 100ft on a Snowdonia mountain.

Two climbers discovered the body of the walker, who it is believed may have lain on Tryfan for two days.

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation was contacted by North Wales Police about 10.30am today, Sunday, after the pair made the discovery.

Chris Lloyd of the team said: “Two young men from the Wirral had been walking along Heather Terrace on the East Face of Tryfan with a view to a rock climb.

“As they approached the bottom of North Gully, they found the body of a man. The man, who was of retirement age, was well equipped for a day’s hillwalking. Enquiries suggested that he had fallen about 30m down the rock face just north of the gully.

“All too often, people descend most of North Gully until they come to a 10m vertical drop. At this stage they move onto a series of grassy terraces to the North of the gully. This is not an easy way down and has often led to fatal incidents. It is believed that the casualty fell on Friday as he had not returned to his hotel that night.

“A hasty team was mobilised to meet the two young men who had stayed at the incident site.”

Mr Lloyd said about 15 more Ogwen Valley team members made their way up into the mists and strong winds to recover the body down from the East Face into Cwm Tryfan.

“The casualty was brought to Oggie Base, just opposite the foot of Tryfan. Here, he was handed over to a local undertaker and inspection by a police officer.”

The recovery of the man’s body ended about 4.30pm.

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